When you come to work for Tyonek Services Group, Inc, know that you become part of, and have the full support and resources of a larger corporation with deep capacity and integrity. Tyonek Services Group works hard to seek out the best and most qualified people, while also supporting shareholder hire, wherever possible. Building careers and a legacy for the people of Tyonek is always at the core of our intention.


From entry to senior level positions, we offer outstanding employment opportunities for anyone looking to stretch their experience and build a solid career. Our employees enjoy an excellent benefit package, competitive pay, and our ongoing commitment to support our employees. Tyonek is committed to complying with all Federal, State and local laws providing Equal Employment Opportunities, as well as all laws related to terms and conditions of employment.

Our parent company, Tyonek Native Corporation (TNC), is an Alaska Native corporation, established in the 1970s under the guidelines of the Alaska Native Settlement Claims Act, and holds a growing number of subsidiary businesses. TNC has employees working for its varied companies in Alaska and across the US.

When you sign on with Tyonek Services Group, you also help build a future for a community of more than 800 Athabascan shareholders of Tyonek Native Corporation. Our businesses contribute to the improvement and opportunities of a people who are original members of, and descendants of the Native people of Tyonek, Alaska.

Ready to look at jobs? We invite you to review our job postings and apply for positions of interest to you.

Whether you are a new employee, an existing employee, or someone who might be interested in working with us, we welcome your interest in Tyonek Services Group, Inc.

If you have questions, TNCs HR is available to address your concerns regarding jobs, your healthcare benefits, 401(k) retirement account, tax withholdings, worker’s compensation, leave of absences (medical, personal, military), verification of employment, court orders, company policies, education reimbursement, ethical issues, your changes (address, contact information, marital status, etc.) and problems you may have with employee relations.