Professional & Technical Services

Tyonek provides mission-critical support for DoD customers in IT, Cyber, Special Operations, and Training Support. Our success is built on uncompromising customer service and unparalleled responsiveness to emerging requirements in these dynamic fields.

IT support and Cyber Operations

Tyonek Technical Services provides end-to-end software implementation and training support as well as customized IT services for U.S. Government customers. We work with large software OEMs to meet delivery schedule and requirements. Work includes:

  • Needs analysis

  • Solution development and Subject Matter Expertise

  • Procurement and contracting support

  • Implementation and data migration

  • Information Assurance and Cyber Security

  • Project Management

  • User training

  • Reporting and business case analysis

Tyonek provides the highest level of DoD cyber operations support including OCO and DCO, cyber training, virtual range development and operations, threat analysis and detection, and mission center response support. Our facility clearances and ability to recruit and retain highly skilled, specialized and experienced cyber warriors makes us a critical partner in the 5th Domain.

Special Operations Mission Support

Mission-focused CONUS and deployable support for special operations requirements including headquarters support, field support, and specialized procurement, kitting and manufacturing.

Training and Education Support

We provide formal training and education services customized to meet highly technical skill requirements in military fields. Our wide range of DoD training and education services includes:

  • Curriculum design

  • Courseware development

  • Virtual training range design/operation (Cyber)

  • Exercise support/Range support (Special Operations, UAS, and Aviation)

  • Adversary TTP assessment and incorporation

  • Lessons Learned Instruction and doctrine-based curriculum revisions

  • Engineering and Subject Matter Expertise

  • Accreditation by credentialing agencies such as the Community College of the Air Force