Aviation Maintenance

Tyonek provides full-spectrum aerospace maintenance and logistics solutions. We support critical military and commercial aviation needs with end-to-end professional services and technical support. We provide DCMA 8210.1 approved Organizational, Intermediate, and Depot Maintenance for US Army, US Navy, US Air Force, and US Forest Service aircraft, subsystems, and ground support/test equipment. 

The dedicated professionals at Tyonek install aircraft modification programs for a broad range of weapons systems, updating aircraft to mission-ready status. Group “A” and “B” kit fabrication, assembly, installation and modifications are carried out swiftly and skillfully in support of our customers.  Our experience includes :

  • U.S. Army H-64 Apache, H-60 Blackhawk, H- 47 Chinook, H-58 Kiowa and Kiowa Warrior, UH-1 Huey, and AH-1 Cobra airframes for assigned aircraft as well as transient aircraft
  • RDT&E Flight Crew
  • RDT&E Instrumentation
  • Army Fixed Wing MWO installs
  • F/A-18 Hornet PMI I & PMI II & Center Barrel Replacement Plus CBR+
  • EA-6B Prowler SLE and Cockpit Modifications
  • P-3 Orion PMI, Zone 5 Wing Repair, Explosive Suppressant Foam (ESF) Program
  • P-3 Orion Avionics Modifications
  • H-60 PMI & ISR (All variants Navy, Army, Coast Guard and Air Force)
  • T-34/T-44/T-6 Trainer aircraft
  • MQ-8 Fire Scout Unmanned Helicopter
  • E6-B TACAMO Avionics Modification Installations
  • USFS C-23 Aircraft support
  • Ground Support Equipment Maintenance
  • Full spectrum Contractor Logistics Support (CLS) and Supply Support Activity(SSA)